Telehealth Physical Therapy

With telehealth, you will be able to access ProActive’s Physical Therapists and receive care in the event you aren’t able to access the clinic! We can use the telehealth tool in multiple ways to service you. We can use it as a screening tool, for follow up appointments, wellness check-ins, exercise progression, and even for initial evaluations and treatments!

We believe this will bring significant value to you as an option to enhance your experience at Proactive Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab. You will still receive the same impeccable quality of care but it will be from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


How To Set Up a Telehealth Visit:

1.Call ProActive at 712-722-1902 in Sioux Center or 712-324-0110 in Sheldon to set an appointment time

2. Have access to the internet browser with a device that has a webcam or camera.  Optimal performance is on a laptop or computer with webcam but most tablets or smartphone with a camera and web browser will work.

3. Follow the Telehealth How-To Guide if you have any questions of how to set up your virtual visit.

4. Having problems getting connected? Check out the Telehealth Troubleshooting Guide or give us a call!


We are really happy to expand our reach as practitioners and to deliver more care to a wider scope. There many reasons, it may not be ideal to come into our clinic, but we are here to help. We look forward to partnering with you in your healing and recovery.