Dave V.H.

“I have known the ProActive Physical Therapy staff for what seems like centuries. Numerous times they have been able to bring me through my recoveries, which have not always been easy roads. The staff has strengthened me both mentally and physically. Another area I feel is a major strength is their willingness to work with other doctors and hospitals in order to see the best possible end result for the patient. In my experience, being able to enter the facility and not feel like the paper work is a burden to the patient is important. They also do not make it seem like an inconvenience to them to give my doctor a call concerning my treatment. Once they have determined the injury or post-surgery treatment plan, they know the fine line of how far to push a patient for a quick healing process without rushing or overdoing it, but not extending treatment longer than is necessary. I have been very pleased with how I have been treated by all of the staff members at ProActive and all my experiences.”