Track-A-Thon Marathon Relay Running Tips

What: The Track-A-Thon Relay is an exciting spin on the typical Marathon Relay. Assemble a team of 8 to 105 individuals in order to complete the 105 laps of the marathon. Exchanges can be made every 400 meters and anyone on the team can run multiple legs of the race. Run the fastest Marathon ever with a 105×400 meter relay, try a 26x 1 mile. Combinations are endless. 

Where: The race will be run at the Sioux Center Track.

When: Saturday 8:00am Sept 26,2020

Register Here: All Sport Central

Running Program Resources:

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  • Want a few different training options or workout recommendations? Check these training workouts that will get you ready to run 1/8 of the Marathon relay: Five Fun 5k Workouts 
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Nutrition Recommendations:

  • If you are new to running or have not optimized your nutrition for your current running program, check out these tips on post-workout recovery with carbs and proteins, proper hydration, beneficial foods to eat, and sample meal ideas while training: Eating After a Workout Is Important